Starting a money-raising campaign for the filming « Homosexuality » in Lourdes

It is with great simplicity that I make this urgent appeal for help and donations, and offer you to participate at your convenience in an online donation for the organisation of a specific event: the SHOOTING in Lourdes of a film documentary on HOMOSEXUALITY, to be held from 23 September to 2 October 2019. CLICK HERE FOR THE DONATION. The article is translated into Spanish, Italian and French.

(Photo : Philippe Piron)


This is a great first as I had been asking for years for brothers and sisters who were able, like me, to speak about their homosexuality and their love of Jesus with their faces uncovered, thus taking the risk of losing everything (work, perspective of priesthood, marital perspective, family, friends, Christian commitments, reputation, etc.). And – proof that we are living in these special times – these brothers of Mission who have understood the global and ecclesial stakes of homosexuality have finally risen up and feel able to make the great public leap with me for Jesus, the world and the Church: there is a Colombian, a Quebecker, an Italian, a Mexican, a Spanish and a French woman… and we are hoping soon a Polish and a North-American speaker. But nonetheless, time is running out. And above all, homosexual witnesses from all continents – and not just abstinent – are hard to find.

We are therefore already counting on your prayer to accompany this unique project, which will give rise to a documentary, and perhaps a DVD, to serve as a formation support for all (because in reality, no one in the world – except me – talks about homosexuality and proposes an analysis of it).

But to do this, we also need money, simply to cover the airline tickets of people who come from far away, the local expenses in Lourdes, the sets, the salary of the cameramen, the editing, the translation, etc… That’s why I’m opening a pot.

Please be aware that this event – unfortunately on one side and fortunately on the other -, which will not have the logistical burden of a session on homosexuality or a press conference, is organised outside any sponsorship or patronage or movement or party or diocese. Just with our little people! But it is the greatest treasure. As no Catholic media and no bishop supports us (even though we are living what the Church is asking for on homosexuality, and the Church at this moment would really need us because it is really only being attacked on homosexuality), since we cannot rely publicly on any priest, since we are sometimes even perceived as criminals, we organize this shooting outside any structure, without any help and without label. This is our weakness but also our strength. Because the people who testify (on the basis of the 8-day programme I recently established) will not be prisoners of a movement (even a Catholic one, such as Courage International) or a pressure group (pro-Life lobby, bishops, cardinals, TV or radio…): they come forward on their own, and give their name, they simply offer their person.

The great novelty of this event is that homosexuality will really be under study and at the CENTRE, and not a pretext to talk about something else (Faith, sexuality, identity, friendship, chastity, healing or restoration, Bible, personal relationship to God, holiness, purity, etc.). On the contrary. For once, it will only be about homosexuality, heterosexuality, homophobia, LGBT culture, bisexuality, transsidentity, and even subjects we are forbidden to talk about (Freemasonry, boboism, politics, End of Times). And no one to stop us from doing it! No Christian movement or community (Courage, Emmanuel, etc.) to report to, no reparative therapy sessions, no bullshit discussion groups or public testimonies. No circle of lawyers, politicians, pro-Life activists, shrinks, historians, sociologists, priests, to talk about us and in our place. It’ll feel good! Finally, we’ll be able to talk about homosexuality and nothing else! Finally, we’re going to focus on people! … even though, in this instance, without these institutional supports, we appear a little naked, and we would still like to offer a video quality that is not too « cheap » or gross. The idea, since the speakers really wet their shirts, is to offer them not only decent but also classy speaking conditions (beautiful images, beautiful lights, beautiful setting and beautiful set for the round tables, good film crew… a minimum of professionalism and welcome for a fair enhancement!)

There you go. I think I’ve said the essential.

I almost forgot! The filming takes place in Lourdes because it is Mary alone who carries our continence (abstinence and public apostolate for Jesus and the Church through homosexuality).

Thank you for your generosity. And, please, spread this message to make the money-raising campaign and the event known. We are so little helped and encouraged – at a time when the needs on homosexuality are enormous today – that the slightest help will be invaluable. Even 5-10 euros will be huge.

In the name of Jesus, in advance, I thank you.

Philippe Ariño