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Day 1 : Personal Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 1 (discovery)

(c.f. the link of the video)

Question 1 – What type of gay person are you ?

Question 2 – Why did you come in this shooting ?

Question 3 – What do you expect from this documentary ?

Question 4 – Why is it so difficult to talk about homosexuality in society ?

Question 5 – How did you discover your homosexuality ?

Question 6 – How did you discover your transidentity and your bisexuality ?

Question 7 – Was it hard to find out about your homosexuality ?

Question 8 – How did you experience to be a homosexual at school ?

Question 9 – How are represented childhood and adolescence figures in pro-gays movies ? TALK

Question 10 – how one can be sure to really be homosexual ?

PART 2 (kid’s tastes)

(c.f. the link of the video)

Question 11 – What are the clues in your life that could explain your homosexual tendency ?

Question 12 – Would you have wished to be a girl ? Were you a sissy boy when you were a child ?

Question 13 – What were the founding songs and movies of your childhood and adolescence ?

Question 14 – Do you think people are born homosexual ?

Question 15 – Have you ever thought that your homosexuality could be temporary ?

Question 16 – Do you think you can change your sexual orientation ?

Question 17 – Why do youp ay so much attention to your sexual orientation ?

Question 18 – What is the definition of homosexuality ? TALK

Question 19 – Why is feminine homosexuality less visible than masculine homosexuality ? TALK

Question 20 – Is homosexuality unnatural ?

PART 3 (psychology)

(c.f. the link of the video)

Question 21 – What signs does homosexuality convey ? TALK

Question 22 – When you hear about « gender dysphoria » or « bipolarity », does that bother you ?

Question 23 – Is there a link between homosexuality and psychiatry ? TALK

Question 24 – What is the Gender Theory ? Bisexuality ? Intersexuality ? Transidentity ? Transsexuality ? TALK

Question 25 – If you are homosexual for your whole life, what are you going to do with it ? If God let you feel homosexual, then why ?

Question 26 – If you are transgender for your whole life, what do you do with it ?

Question 27 – What would you say to a teenager who discover his own homosexuality ?

Question 28 – What would you say to an adult who always felt homosexual and who’s watching this movie actually ?

Day 2 : Family Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 4 (the coming out)

Question 29 – The coming out (to be out of the closet), what is it ?

Question 30 – How do coming outs go on movies ?

Question 31 – How coming outs usually take place in real life ?

Question 32 – Did you inform your parents about your homosexuality ? And what happened ?

Question 33 – Do you have any regrets in relation to your coming out ?

Question 34 – Did your parents suspect something before you announce your homosexuality ?

Question 35 – Do you have a peaceful relationship with your parents ? Was there forgiveness between you and your parents ?

Question 36 – How do you think they would react when watching this documentary ? Would it be like a new coming out from you ?

Question 37 – « Honor your father and your mother. » Concretely, what good things could you say about them ?

Question 38 – What advice would you give to parents who just learned their kid is homosexual ? TALK

PART 5 (the members)

Question 39 – Why do parents feel guilty when their kid come out of the closet ? Is homosexuality coming from family, parents, education ?

Question 40 – Are parents responsible for their boy’s or their children’s homosexuality ?

Question 41 – Do you recommend coming out ?

Question 42 – Can you freely talk about homosexuality in your family ?

Question 43 – How did your brothers and sisters react to your coming out ? Did they handle it as good as they pretend ?

Question 44 – How your brother did react when he learned that you were stopping your transition ?

Question 45 – Could brothers and sisters have any influence on homosexuality ? TALK

Question 46 – Did any member of your family leave his mark on you ? Did you erotically desire him ?

PART 6 (family’s influence)

Question 47 – What role play aunts and grandmas in a person homosexuality ? TALK

Question 47 bis – Is there any people in your family who is also homosexual ?

Question 48 – Do your family understand your homosexual continence ? Or do they think you are a kind of fascist ?

Question 49 – Today, how do you reconcile your homosexuality and your Faith ?

Question 50 – What your homosexuality reveals about your own family ?

Question 51 – My husband left me for a man. What can I do ? TALK

Day 3 : The Amorous Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 7 (initiation)

Question 52 – How old were you when you went out with a man (or a woman) ?

Question 53 – Have you ever tried with someone of the other sex ?

Question 54 – How did you live your homosexual « first time » (meeting, kiss, sex…) ?

Question 55 – When you had homosexual sex, did you feel it was bad ? And today, do you regret it ?

Question 56 – Are you able to have a long relation as a « couple » ? Are you faithful ?

Question 57 – Did you ever cohabit with a man (or a woman) ? And if you did, why it didn’t last ?

Question 58 – Who is the last person you fell in love with ?

Question 59 – Have you ever « really » fall in love ? I mean… really ?

Question 60 – Did your entourage (family, coworkers, friends…) have already met one of your relationship ?

Question 61 – Did you keep your exes in contact ? In your opinion, is that possible and advisable ?

PART 8 (the couples)

Question 62 – Have you been happy or unhappy as a couple ? What is the highest quality relationship you ever had ?

Question 63 – Did you know some phases when you are gone downhill ? Did you find a way to cope ?

Question 64 – What happens during homosexual flirt ?

Question 65 – What is the gay community’s Charming Prince archetype ? The lesbian community’s Charming Princess ?

Question 66 – Is homosexuality Love ?

Question 67 – Are there homosexual couples who works and who are happy ?

Question 68 – NOTHING

Question 69 – What about mythical homosexual couples ?TALK

PART 9 (renouncing of the practice)

Question 70 – What is wrong with homosexual couple ?

Question 71 – Is that ok to prohibit yourselft being in love, flirt or to get chatted up ?

Question 72 – Is that a crime or a sin to fall in love and to go out with a same sex person, even if it is in a respectful context ?

Question 73 – Is homosexual practice diabolical ?

Question 74 – What are the positive aspects of a homosexual couple ? Why do we want to believe in it, even when we chose continence ? TALK

Question 75 – Are homosexual couples more complicated than others ?

Question 76 – O.K… Let’s talk about penetration, fellatio, sodomy ? How much do you feel embarrassed ?

Question 77 – About health, is homosexual practice more risky and dirty than others ?

Question 78 – Today, you are continent. But what would you do the day you will really fall in love with a man, the relation will match, and he will not disappoint you ?

Question 79 – And if you could do a gender transition safely for your health, would you do it ?

Question 80 – Do you miss huging « somebody », making love ?

Question 81 – Must we believe in « chaste homosexual couple » or « friendly love » ?



Day 4 : Cultural and Community Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 10 (presentation of the community)

Question 82 – Do you really think that the whole world needs to know that you’re gay, bisexual or trans? Is homosexuality, bisexuality or transidentity a social issue?

Question 83 – Why is homosexuality a universal and paramount subject for our World ?

Question 84 – What is the History of the homosexual community ? TALK

Question 85 – What does the « gay scene » look like and sees itself in your country ? Are you attached to it ?

Question 86 – Have you ever been to a gay society, festival or neighborhood? And why do you feel comfortable (or uncomfortable) there?

Question 87 – Is the homosexual « community » different from one country to another ?

Question 88 – What does lesbian environment look like ? TALK

PART 11 (gay tastes)

Question 89 – What does trans environment look like ? TALK

Question 90 – Which homosexual book strucks you the most ?

Question 91 – Have you ever bought and flipped through a gay magazine ?

Question 92 – What role did pornography play in the construction of your homosexuality?


Question 93 – What is the first gay movie you saw ?

Question 94 – What is your favorite trans movie ?

Question 95 – Have you ever followed a gay or lesbian series ?

Question 96 – What is the gay personality you admire ?

Question 97 – Can a film or novel be called « homosexual » ? What attracts you to a song, a film, an artist, a novel?

Rimbaud’s Poem (read by Perrine)

Presentation of the Dictionary of Homosexual Codes by Philippe Ariño TALK

Question 98 – Is there a Gay music ? TALK

PART 12 (Gay Prides and ghetto)

Question 99 – Artistic productions that talk about homosexuality: what picture do they give of you and what picture do they give of it?

Question 100 – Is there a homosexual community or is it a marketing myth?

Question 101 – What are the beauties of the « homosexual community » ? Do we find in the « homosexual milieu » that we do not find in civil society?

Question 102 – Would you define yourself as being « outside » or « inside » the community ? « Homo » or « gay » ?

Question 103 – What would you like the homosexual community to become in order to be more beautiful and for you to assume it?

Question 104 – How do you feel when you hear comings out on T.V. ?

Question 105 – What is your reaction when you see trans personalities on T.V. ?

Question 106 – Have you ever been to a Gay Pride Parade and how did you feel ?

Question 107 – Let’s talk about Gay Pride History. TALK

Question 108 – What are the Pride marches for? Should we hate Gay Prides ?

Day 5 : Homosexuality Political and International Dimension


PART 13 (LGBT propaganda)

Question 109 – It seems that a growing homosexual visibility takes much place in medias (series, competitions) : why ?

Question 110 – How homosexual life invades the urban space and the calendar ?

Question 111 – Can we say that there is an infiltration of homosexuality on the National and International political scene ?

Question 112 – How does LGBT policy settle even in countries that are opposed to it ?

Question 113 – What is Gender Theory (Gender ideology) and how is it spread ?

PART 14 (the laws)

Question 114 – What can you say about pro gay laws in your own country ?

Question 115 – How can we argue to oppose Civil partnership, « gay marriage » ? Why are they homophobic laws (even if it is shown as gay friendly laws) ?

Question 116 – Can we consider that homoparental families are strictly speaking families ?

Question 117 – Where were you in 2013 during La Manif pour Tous (anti gay marriage movement) in France ?

Question 118 – What would you say to politicians who made vote gay marriage in your country if you could speak to them ?

Question 119 – Is transgender identity must become a global cause ? TALK

Question 120 – What do transgender identity and transsexuality have to say to the entire World and what are they saying right now ?

Question 121 – In October 2018, in Uruguay, The Trans LawLey Trans ») was approved by the parliament (it is a principle agreement about hormones on childs). What do you think about this kind of law ?

Question 122 – Could you qualify homosexual community as a dictatorship ? TALK

PART 15 (dictatorship)

Question 123 – Do you think it could be useful to go after LGBT lobby and to denounce it as a dictatorship which doesn’t represent all homosexual people ?

Question 124 – Who does call the shots of the « lobby gay » ? Is it the homosexual lobby ? DOBLE TALK

Question 125 – Who funds LGBT lobby ? TALK

Question 126 – What options could we propose to stop this global rainbow tsunami ?

Day 6 : Homophobic Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 16 (external homophobia suffered)

Question 127 – Is your opposition to LGBT laws well understood by your entourage ?

Question 128 – Is it homophobic to defied gay marriage ?

Question 129 – What means « homophobia » and does it really exist ? Isn’t it some victimhood ideology ?

Question 130 – Why « homophobia » is a perfect word ?

Question 131 – Did you ever witness an homophobic act ?

Question 132 – Have you ever been a victim of an homophobic act ?

Question 133 – Have you ever been a victim of homophobia at work ?

Question 134 – Have you ever been a victim of an transphobic act ?

Question 135 – What rejections did you suffer on behalf of your homosexuality, at school, in your family, at work, in your circles of friends, or by journalists ?

Question 136 – What rejections did you suffer on behalf of your homosexuality or your transgender identity coupled to your Catholic Faith ?

Question 137 – Could homophobia be « gay friendly » ?

Question 138 – What a gay « bobo » (as they say in France to bourgeois-bohemians) looks like ? TALK

Question 139 – Could homophobia be homosexual ?

PART 17 (internalized homophobia)

Question 140 – Being a « perfect homosexual », did you ever be homophobic in your life (speaking, attitudes) ?

Question 141 – Being a « perfect trans », did you ever be transphobic in your life (speaking, attitudes) ?

Question 142 – Why so much people think they are out of homosexual environment ?

Question 143 – How did Internet change gay community ? What are dating websites codes ?

Question 144 – Marketing compartmentalization and « gay environment » diversity are they worrying ?

Question 145 – What is ugly in « gay environment » ?

Question 146 – Was « gay environment » « better before » ?

Question 147 – Who are the forgotten people from homosexual community ? TALK

Question 148 – What is the trans « environment » dark side ? TALK

Question 149 – What is internalized homophobia ? TALK

Question 150 – Do you think pro gay propaganda increases homophobia much more than turning it back ?

Question 151 – In your country, how gay couples are considered ? Are they free for holding hands in the streets ?

PART 18 (worldwide homophobia)

Question 152 – In your country, how trans people are considered ?

Question 153 – Why is it so difficult to talk about homosexuality ?

Question 154 – At this rate, how this gay rights bulimia and this mediatical and political overrepresentation will end for homosexual people ?

Question 155 – Is there any link between homosexuality and End of the World ? TALK

Question 156 – What way do you prescribe to avoid homophobic acts ? What do you think is the best antidote against homophobia ?



Day 7 : Ecclesial and Religious Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 19 (cases of parishes)

Question 157 – How God Himself was manifested concretely in your life?

Question 158 – Have you ever fallen in love with a catholic believer ? Or even a priest ?

Question 159 – Does Faith complicate matters when you are homosexual ? Or is it positive ?

Question 160 – How does a homosexual person feel in a christian assembly?

Question 161 – Catholics in general think that homosexuality is a small topic which is only about 3% of the population, and that it does not deserve to talk about it. Could we agree ?

Question 162 – In the Church, who are people who oppose you ?

Question 163 – What type of rejection have you ever suffered on behalf of your homosexuality, whether in your parish, in the Church, in the chaplaincy, in the Catholic medias or in prayer groups?

Question 164 – What is unpleasant in a homosexual person, because of his sexual attraction, in the Catholic Church ?

Question 165 – What is the proportion in Sunday assemblies of homosexual practicing Catholics ? And why so much?

Question 166 – Is there a link between scouting and homosexuality?

Question 167 – Should parishes admit homosexual persons practicing their homosexuality for services such as catechism for example, or presbyteral council, animation, etc. ?

Question 168 – Are catholic trainers for the affectivity in schools prepared enough to talk about homosexuality in front of a class ?

PART 20 (sacerdotal homosexuality)

Question 169 – I am an activity leader in holidays for disable persons, and I observe two holidaymakers with Down’s syndrome joining up. Do I let them free or do I separate them ? What do I tell them if they play the romantic engagement under the pressure of others ?

Question 170 – What can I do if a close friend or a close family member is homosexual, rejects the Church and hangs on with the wrong crowd ? How to engage in dialogue with him, making him understand that I do not approve his behavior ?

Question 171 – My son/my brother/my cousin invites me to his homosexual marriage. Do I accept, or does it conflict with my religious believes ?

Question 172 – Why practising Catholics come to defend « gay marriage » ?

Question 173 – What percentage of pro-gays and pro-Civil Union parishioners are in the Church and in the churches ?

Question 174 – Have you ever been disappointed by priests about homosexuality ?

Question 175 – As a priest, do I have to be firm or gentle in front of a gay person ?

Question 176 – A homosexual couple wants to get his child baptized. Do I accept ?

Question 177 – I am asked to bless a homosexual union. What do I do ?

Question 178 – If one of my parishioners is in a homosexual couple, do I encourage him to live as a brother with his partner ?

Question 179 – Can we include homosexual persons in a universal prayer ? Should we accept prayer vigils against homophobia ?

Question 180 – Is it possible to be cast aside by the Catholic priests due to homosexuality ? What sacrements are we deprived of as a homosexual person ?

Question 181 – Have you ever been hit on by a Catholic priest ?

Question 182 – Why is the suspicion of homosexuality so strong when it comes to priests ?

Question 183 – Are many priests homosexual ? What is the proportion of homosexual priests in the Catholic Church ? How do we rate it ?

Question 184 – Is there a blood bound between homosexuality and priesthood?

Question 185 – Concerning the Catholic nuns, how do things stand with the phenomenon of lesbianism ?

Question 186 – How can a priest discover he’s gay after he’s been ordained ? Couldn’t he have realized it earlier ?

Question 187 – Can seminarists be kicked out of the seminar if they are homosexual ?

PART 21 (Pink Mafia in Vatican)

Question 188 – How to understand the text Pope Benedict XVI wrote in 2005 prohibiting priestly ordination to homosexual seminarists ?

Question 189 – What is the current state of priestly recruitment in seminars concerning homosexuality ? Is homosexuality training good enough in seminars ?

Question 190 – Should we firmly throw gay seminarists out of the Church ?

Question 191 – The parish priest left with another man. The parish supports him. What should be done ?

Question 192 – I am a priest and I am gay. How to live those two dimensions ?

Question 193 – How are active homosexual people and continent ones considered by the Catholics, the priests and the Catholic hierarchy ?

Question 194 – Do Catholic people realize that they don’t support continent homosexual people (yet living what the Church asks them to) ?

Question 195 – How is it a good thing that this topic is being overviewed and put aside by the Roman Curia ?

Question 196 – Why is the fact that the Church hierarchy doesn’t defend enough continency very serious ?

Question 197 – Why is homosexuality even more dangerous for the Catholic Church than the abortion, condoms’ use, adultery, divorce or pedophilia?

Question 198 – Within the Catholic Church and in the media, which emblematic figures can you rely on ?

Question 199 – What about Pope Francis ? Have you ever tried to get a papal audience with him ? Concerning homosexuality, is he firm enough and clear enough ? Does he know the subject well enough ? TALK

Question 200 – It seems the only one who holds a clear and uncompromising speech on homosexuality is Cardinal Sarah, no ?

Question 201 – Is there a risk of schism because of the ecclesial non-treatment of homosexuality ?

Question 202 – The Laurent Stefanini Affair (French Ambassador), the Krzysztof Charamsa Affair (gay priest), the James Martin Affair (North American Jesuit pro « LGBT Catholics »), the Vigano Affair (related to the Bishop McCarrick), the Mangiacapra Affair (Neapolitan prostitute), and the Martel Affair (book Sodoma) are they part of a premeditated calendar to destroy the Church? What’s the next test?

Question 203 – Is there really a gay mafia in the Vatican?

Question 204 – Why can we say that pedophilia is the false nose of the priestly homosexuality?

Question 205 – As Catholics, what can we say to opponents of the Church accusing the Church of having pretended to ignore cases of pedophilia in its ranks?

Question 206 – I’m a priest and in prison for pedophilia. What would you like to tell me?

Day 8 : Holy Dimension of Homosexuality


PART 22 (Bible and Catechism)

Question 207 – What does the Bible tell us about homosexuality ? Isn’t the Bible too tough saying it is an abomination ?

Question 208 – What do the Bible, the Catechism and the Church say ?

Question 209 – Why is the Church opposed to acts, and therefore to homosexuality as a couple ? How can one justify it is « intrinsically disordered » ? Is the Catechism missing a part of the message ?

Question 210 – Was saint Paul homophobic ?

Question 211 – Didn’t the Church burn sodomites during the Inquisition ?

Question 212 – What do other monotheisms (Judaism, Islam, Protestantism) say of homosexuality ? Do they share same perspectives as Catholicism ?

Question 213 – Are homosexuality and Protestantism related ?

Question 214 – Regarding recent official documents of the Catholic Church (Catechism), do you think there is anything to change ?

Question 215 – What to say at the confessional as a homosexual person? Do I have to tell my confessor about my sexual tendency and put it on my list of sins?

Question 216 – Is homosexuality a sin? Will a gay person in mortal sin go to hell ? Will I be damned if I practice homosexuality ?

PART 23 (healing, miracles and Heaven)

Question 217 – What are the biblical texts which speak to the heart of homosexual persons ? What place do guardian angels take in their life ?

Question 218 – Are there homosexual saints ?

Question 219 – Were the disciples of Jesus gay? And was Jesus gay ?

Question 220 – I really want to change my sexual orientation by the Grace of God. I know I’m not deeply gay and that God doesn’t want that from me. Am I on the wrong way ?

Question 221 – In other times, we didn’t make such a fuss about homosexuality ! Can’t you force yourself to get married, and you’ll eventually find out you got over it ? Have you ever tried with a man, at least ?

Question 222 – Agape therapies, do they work ?

Question 223 – Does spiritual work replace psychological work ? Do you know any good therapists suitable for Catholics ?

Question 224 – Have you got any good reading suggestions about homosexuality ?

Question 225 – Why did God allow me to be homosexual, or for some to be durably homosexual ?

Question 226 – Have you ever thought of being a priest ?

Question 227 – How to remain faithfully Catholic with this homosexual condition?

Question 228 – What is the link between durably homosexual persons and divorced and remarried persons ?

Question 229 – What full and concrete path of happiness awaits durably homosexual persons who want to follow a true path of the Church ?

Question 230 – What is the difference between chastity, abstinence and continence?

Question 231 – What are the fake continences ?

Question 232 – How to stop masturbation and concretely establish continence in my life as a Christian?

PART 24 (continence)

Question 233 – Why are you so few to be continent ?

Question 234 – In which structures Catholic movements supporting homosexual people locked themselves up ? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Courage International ?

Question 235 – A community of homosexual continent brothers, is it desirable and is it viable? Can we one day conceive a specific consecration? an oblate order ? Isn’t there a risk danger of imprisoning these persons in their homosexual tendency?

Question 236 – Should we create a specific pastoral care for homosexual people ? Wouldn’t it stigmatize them more ?

Question 237 – Are homosexual persons disciples strong enough to take continence and then carry out an apostolate ?

Question 238 – Being Catholic and abstinent gay men like you, aren’t you concerned that Catholics may use or instrumentalise you ? Or even that you may feed their homophobia ?

Question 239 – What a priest says about homosexuality, is it only for a homosexual believer ? How can a non-believer feel involved ?

Question 240 – Anticlerical persecutions on a worldwide scale seem to focus on homosexuality in the near future. Does this mean that, if I’m gay, I’m going to play a key role?

Question 241 – What is the greatest danger for a Catholic with regards to homosexuality ?

Question 242 – LGBT activists attack my parish for homophobia. What can I do ?

Question 243 – What secular arguments can be used with atheist people to defend the Church’s point of view on homosexuality?

Question 244 – What impact do you think will have this documentary you shoot together ?

Question 245 – Are you irreplaceable in the testimony about homosexuality ?

Question 246 – If a non-homosexual person is less legitimate to speak publicly about homosexuality, on which other ground is she more legitimate and has a role as powerful as yours ?