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The blindness of conservative catholic journalists concerning Cardinal Sarah’s double game


Those who are talking about the risk of schism today in the Church, about the fact that we are surrounded between the extremes (left wing/right wing ; liberals/conservatives), are totally right. However, there’s a reason that the conservative band and the anti-pope are much more powerful, and they use Fiducia Supplicans to overthrow the pope.

The magazine Famille Chrétienne (main traditionalist Catholic diary in France) has just published a column by Cardinal Sarah, where the latter declares that « Beeing against ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ is not beeing against the pope ». What hypocrisy!

I’m astonished at the naivety (and even the stupidity!) of Catholic journalists as a whole (and Famille Chrétienne in particular), who don’t see Cardinal Sarah’s double game. Very recently, I personally talked to a writer friend who some time ago met Cardinal Sarah’s press agent and publisher, Nicolas Diat, during a high-society dinner. This man, super pedantic, super gay too (but repressed and homophobic, who allows himself to call gay people « faggots » or « dirty fags » in public, even if it’s in small groups), and very careerist (his goal is to sell as many books as possible and to build a catholic jet set around his person), wanted to cause a sensation by calling Cardinal Sarah directly at a late hour so that the latter would bless – in live and remotely – the table… and the prelate picked up immediately, and complied with pleasure! So, they are as thick as theives.

This friend, who had no preconceptions about Nicolas Diat (since he didn’t know him), and who was to be introduced to the latter with a view to a potential editorial collaboration, witnessed the scene and was gobsmacked, on the one hand by the sacred union between the cardinal and the publisher, and on the other hand by the spell of the « catholic » entourage captivated by their evil duo. Because yes, it’s an harmful and evil duo. And when my friend and his wife then found themselves in the same taxi as Nicolas Diat, and throughout the whole way they heard him criticizing pope Francis and insulting him, they couldn’t believe their ears and no longer knew where to put themselves.

So I believe that at some point, we will have to open our eyes to Cardinal Sarah, to what he says « off the record », to his hidden plan of dismissing Pope Francis, and to stop playing his game of obsequiousness and false reverence/obedience to the pope. Behind the scenes, it’s completely different! CATHOLICS, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!

The majority of Catholics want a schism, the fall of the papacy, the collapse of their own Church

The majority of Catholics want a schism, the fall of the papacy, the collapse of their own Church. They really do.

How sad. I notice a media favouritism regarding the blessings of homosexual couples. Hateful, homophobic videos of priests or cardinals focusing on the notion of « sin » (without ever explaining why homosexuality is a sin) or harshly attacking pope Francis, reach several million views on social networks in only a few hours, whereas my (balanced, joyful) interview on Enriquísimo TV, which opposes the Pope’s blessings but with love, really basing itself on a study of the document Fiducia Supplicans, talking about homosexuality and valuing gay people, doesn’t even reach 1000 views. Basically, I get the impression that Catholics prefer to follow the homophobic, clericalist and sedevacantist sirens, rather than think and love the pope, gays and the Church. In fact, the majority of them want a schism and the downfall of their own Church (just as unstable or rebellious countries secretly hope for a war or dictatorship to break out on their territory: they’re waiting for it eagerly). It makes me sad.